In this episode I chat with Craig S. Pascoe and James “Trae” Welborn from Georgia BBQ Trails( Craig is a History professor at Georgia College and Trae is an assistant professor at the same college. We discuss both of their backgrounds and how they connected and grew their 'historical' BBQ relationship. We talk the Barbecue Nation exhibit at the Atlanta History Center and the genesis and growth of the Georgia BBQ Trails website. Lastly(and mostly) we get into historic BBQ joints to visit throughout the great state of Georgia. I think you'll find it incredibly insightful and a good tool for your BBQ hunting adventures.
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BBQ Joints covered in this episode:
Washington Food Market:
Vanna Country BBQ:
Twin Oaks:
Randys Savannah Georgia:
Community Q:
Crows BBQ:
BL Smokers:

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