In this episode I chat with Bill Dumas, the Sausage Sensei (ˌsenˈsā,senˌsā/) for Brotherton’s Black Iron BBQ and Liberty BBQ.

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The focus of the interview is about the new sausage classes that Bill is putting on along with sausage making in general (the sausage program he has created for both restaurants). The classes are for the backyard guy to competition guy to the person how is heavy in the barbecue industry.

The class includes how to put a sausage program together as well as how to make sausage properly. It is $ 500.00 for 1 on 1 with Bill or $ 750.00 for 1 on 2 (Bill with two people). It is 1 day and takes between 8 and 10 hours. He is currently booked about 2-3 months out. The classes take place at Liberty Barbecue in Round Rock.

We also about how this year is going to be the Year of Sausage and the new Passport to World Sausages plan he has for this year.

Be sure to check out the END for a tour of Bill’s bar and for some music recommendation that include:

Gary P Nunn

Doug Sahm

Townes Van Zandt

Cowboy Junkies "To live is to fly"

Roky Erickson

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